Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Myth of the Evil Alto....Debunked!

Those of you who know me well are aware of my past as a musical theater and a cappella dork. I could be defensive and say it was a stage, but even now I enjoy prancing around my apartment singing along to the Spring Awakening soundtrack. Ok, fine--the Little Mermaid soundtrack is also frequently on my playlist. And since I am so unashamed about my penchant for anything sing-along, it has become overwhelmingly clear that my voice part is shamelessly typecast. Why, just because in my good days I could hit a low E, must my range be devoted solely to people or parts like this:

And of course, this is what the soprano princesses look like:

So maybe, my lack of femininity is thanks to Disney, Broadway, and Fox. My low register consistently relegated me to singing Alto II (read: female bass), and therefore I lacked the ability to be ladylike. It's an interesting theory. Or maybe I need to step away from my Disney soundtracks.

I could see this two ways--one is that altos represent all that is wrong with the female paradigm--they tend to be devious, controlling, or just plain cynical; and they all seem to represent that a man is not necessary for fulfillment. OR, here's theory number two:

Altos do not represent the demise of femininity; rather they are a symbol of progress. We are bold, strong, and let's be honest--badass. And Sop I's--let's be honest; where would you be if you didn't have us to hold down the foundation?

(reader's note/disclaimer: This is a personal blog, and its intent is to make harmless (hopefully at times, witty) commentary. The opinions expressed here represent my own inner monologue, and are not meant to offend outsiders. My fancy-schmansy way of saying that Sopranos are a-OK).

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  1. I love you. And your lady-tenor-ness. I hadn't considered the image given to altos vs sopranos - hilarious.
    Your favorite Sop1 who always needs you to hold down the bass. :)