Monday, August 16, 2010

Embracing my feminine side, in more ways than one

In one of my recent posts, I addressed how I am becoming more domestic than I could have imagined. Well no, I still detest cleaning, but my cooking abilities are vastly improving. Here's a new question--am I maternal?

Here I am on Sunday night babysitting--Lulu, the sweetest little girl who lives in the apartment downstairs. I think what really got me was how much she reminded me of my niece, Lily, who I never get to see because she is across the country in California. Just like Lily, Lulu is energetic, precocious, and OBSESSED with princesses. A trait that makes me laugh a bit, as I have never been much of a "girly-girl," so to speak.

Lulu woke up a little while ago, and since this is the first time I have sat for her, she was distraught when she found me in the living room, rather than her mother. After a minor meltdown, she picked up her princess wand, which was sitting on the coach, and proceeded to tell me about its uses. I helped her back into bed, and I told her I would hold the magic wand and protect it for her so she could play with it the next day. Then it was back to dreamland for Lulu.

I'm sure some of it is her resemblance to Lily, but at that moment, I felt my maternal instinct kicking in--big time.

No, Mom (if you are reading this), there is no baby any time in the future. HAH, let's wait for the engagement ring first. But man o man, there is a part of me that can't wait to be a mom. And there is another part of me that can't believe I am writing this...

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  1. i can't wait... mostly so that I can legitimately purchase a princess wand.